I suppose the most famous comic book's or comic strips in the world would be, oh, Peanuts...Dagwood and Blondie....and Beetle Bailey.

Well, the other day a few of the diligent employees here at Results Radio and I were shooting the breeze...oops, I mean, we were working hard as usual and I happened to mention a favorite comic book from when i was a kid.

The comic book was 'Sad Sack'.

Well, all their eyes looked like a deer in the headlights.  'Huh?'  'Sad, what?' 'Never heard of it'.  'Me either, I got nothin'.

Well, at my age, you start to doubt yourself a bit.  Hmm, it sure does seem like there was a 'Sad Sack' comic when I wore a ten-year-old's skin.  It used to come in those old 3-packs of comics, the one's that were in the clear plastic and held three comic treasure's.

And sho' nuff, Cowboy!  I did a little research and...Bingo!

There he was!

You Tube Screen Image


I suppose Sad Sack would be a kind of 'poor man's' Beetle Bailey because Sad Sack hasn't reached the apparent legendary proportion's that Beetle has.  But I loved him just the same!

And do you remember those really cool advertisements in the comic books?


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So let's take a trip back a few years.  OK, a few decades.  OK, OK, more than a few.  Let's flip through a 'Sad Sack' comic book.