SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Former South Dakota state Rep. Lora Hubbel says she will challenge incumbent Gov. Dennis Daugaard in the Republican primary next year.

The 55-year-old Hubbel, of Sioux Falls, says she opposes the new federal health care law and new Common Core learning standards for schools.

Hubbel served in the state House for one term, in 2011-12.

Daugaard spokesman Tony Venhuizen (VEHN'-hy-zehn) tells the Argus Leader that the governor is focused not on the campaign but on the next legislative session, the devastating early October blizzard in the Black Hills and the effects of the recently ended federal government shutdown.

Lora Hubbel is announcing her candidacy for Governor in Sioux Falls on Monday.  The media release below  explains the details:

"Former House of Representative Lora Hubbel (R) will formally announce her candidacy for Governor on Monday, Oct 21,2013 12 NOON  at Sioux Falls Main public library in downtown Sioux Falls.  She will  then be at an announcement event in Rapid City, SD, on Tuesday, Oct 22 at 10:00 am at the Alex Johnston Hotel

  Also, on Tuesday, Oct 22, Lora will then travel to Pierre, SD to attend the candidates, “meet and greet” at the America Inn and Suites/Pierre, SD from 5:30-7:30pm  and she will be available to answer some questions at any of these events.   

   Former Rep. Hubbel acknowledges that she became aware of the Argus Leader story of Wednesday, Oct 16, when the newspaper came out speculating about her possible run, but that she had not given any information to the reporter nor any other person mentioned in the article about her run against the current Governor.

  She welcomes the opportunity to formally announce to South Dakotans on Monday, Oct 21 and Tuesday Oct 22 via her prepared presentation and statement.  She will outline her reasons and objectives of a run against current Governor Daugaard.  Her formal announcement will also include preliminary details as to her campaign staff and key principals.”

She provided this website:

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