When Lee and Tiffany bring the Crush Bus to the neighborhood, you can bet on one thing. Something's going down! 

Monday morning I stumbled across their bus here in Sioux Falls. I stopped by like a curious tourist to take a picture and why not. I'm a fan. No, I've never met them at a meet and greet at a concert. No, I've never sat in a lodge talking about a 173 inch deer I just saw that afternoon while bow hunting. But I did Tweet with them a bit! And I am a fan of their show and the way they hunt!

I asked the other day on twitter if they were maybe headed South to Nebraska to shoot a Turkey. They said, nope, we're going to go shoot some snows. And shoot 'em they did.

If you're not a regular wearer of blaze orange, here's the scoop. The Snow Geese Season in South Dakota goes through the 4th of March this year. Here's what makes it fun. Daily Limit: Unlimited.  Possession: Unlimited. If you're interested in filling a pickup, like Lee and Tiffany did, here's more information.

I haven't pried too much. I asked what area they were hunting. They said within' 100 miles of Sioux Falls. Obviously, they could be in 4 different states in that picture, but let's assume that they hunted in South Dakota. That's a big deal to our state.

Crush with Lee and Tiffany is a major show on The Outdoor Channel. If your state gets mentioned on their show it's a Big Deal. When they come to your State to Hunt it's a Bigger deal.

Hunting is HUGE for the state of South Dakota. Pheasant season and deer season bring families and friends together from all over the world. Just as important, hunting brings a lot of dollars to our area too. 'Hunting' is a major part of South Dakota's Brand. And when national celebrities like Lee and Tiffany come to the area. It's pretty cool.

I don't know where they're headed next. One thing I know is there's good hunting whichever direction they go.North? I'm betting the geese are really flying up in the Huron area. South? Things are probably still boilin' around Pickstown. West? I'm sure they could get on some around Parkston or Milltown. And east? I'm sure Minnesota has something going on!

Where ever they go, I'll be watching.

Send pics of your hunt along with a line or two. We'd love to see what you got! Send it to jdcollins@kikn.com

Twit Pic Courtesy of The Crush with Lee and Tiffany