You can't keep up with it.  It seems like every month (or week!), there's some new gadget out that.....gee, we just have to have!

Well, technology is nothing new.  Innovation has been a part of our lives since, well, since there have been people.

1950 was no different.

Television was in it's infancy, still new and strange and wonderful...if you could afford one.  And now, in 1950, my goodness, you could handle the new Westinghouse television with one hand!

That is, of course, after about four adults hauled it in from the trunk of the car.

By the way, that lovely lady 'pitching' this amazing new TV, Betty Furness, well you may know here from the 1950's game show 'What's My Line' and later years on 'The Today Show'.

Now then, let's use just one hand and tune in this new Westinghouse!