'I Remember Mama'.  Well, maybe you don't but television viewers across the country did from 1949-1957.  Of course, the series probably gained popularity through it's run as more people were able to afford TV's!

Back in 'those days' two things were pretty common on television (and on radio).  Often, one major sponsor would sponsor the entire program and may even have it's product name in the title of the show (G.E. Theater, Camel Caravan of Stars, for 2 examples).  Oh, and for you younger folks, yes, cigarettes were not only advertised on television, but many sponsored entire programs.  Even more unbelievably these days...doctor's would advise the viewer to smoke a certain brand because it was 'soothing on the throat'.  Yeah, I know, I know.  But that's the way it was.

The other thing that happened a lot was, the cast of the hit show would be in the commercial(s) of their sponsor.

Check out the video above as the cast of 'I Remember Mama' relaxes with some popcorn...and, and of course the adults absolutely LOVE their Maxwell House coffee!