Willie was born April 30, 1933 in Fort Worth, Texas. Doing the math, the 'Great Willie', as I would like to refer to him as, will celebrate his 80th birthday this April.

He will mark that with a new studio album. 'Let's Face The Music And Dance' will feature Willie's take on pop, rock, jazz and country classics.

I've followed Willie's fabulous career over my many years in the music radio show business. I remember some of the statements he has made over the years like: 'There's only two kinds of music, good music and bad music.'

Willie has given us all good music. Everything from his song writing to his recording and performances.

And speaking of his performances, he is coming to The Corn Palace in Mitchell on May 16th. We want to give Willie a big South Dakota welcome!

The new album will be out April 16th.