He's the son of a Legend (perhaps the Legend) in Country Music.  For many years he labored under that Legend, producing hit records of his own, sometimes new version's of his Father's classics.  And then he broke away, broke out, and while still honoring the legacy of his family name, blazed a new path, his path.

So who exactly is this Hank Williams Junior, this artist they refer to as 'Bocephus'?

Hank pretty much told us who he is back in 1979, and he did it in just four finely crafted minutes.

His smash hit 'Family Tradition' was released in May of 1979, the fourth and final single from the album of the same name.  A kind of song of rebellion, Hank laid it all out on the line: Why does he drink?  Why does he roll smoke?  And perhaps in the most honest, the most barest line of all...Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?

Country Music fans loved it.  The song was a Top 5 hit and, to this day, lives on as one of hank's 'signature songs'.

So if you're wondering who this guy is, just listen to 'Family Tradition' and you'll get something of a Williams family history lesson.