One thing you can say about the successful Country Stars of today.  They are smart!  One of the things they are always trying to do is expand their market.  Purists would crab and moan if you bring it up, but artists like Blake Shelton are champions when it comes to bringing new people 'to the party.'

Watch The Voice. Look at the cross section. Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton are the team leaders.  They come from hugely different genres of music.  And if you look at the ratings, it works.

Are they popular?  Look at the math.  Just on Facebook fans.  Adam, 2 Million Fans.   Blake Shelton, the best tweeter in the universe has 4.3 million followers on Facebook. So, why did The Voice recruit Usher and Shakira?  My guess is social media. These two are monsters in the Facebook and Twitter world   Usher has 39 million fans.  Think that's a lot?  Shakira is the leader with 64 Million Fans!   Taylor Swift has 42 million fans.

Shakira is so big she can ask for $5 from her followers and build an entire school.  She's done it.  Like her on Facebook and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Back to Blake, check out his video.  Watch how he involves people from all walks of life and introduces 'them, to us.'  Smart.  Very smart!