Did you forget a birthday? Is Valentines day coming up too quick for ya? If you need a gift quick, then there is no better place to look than Craigslist. Even better it is full of stuff people are just giving away. For free!

I was poking around Craigslist recently (because I have that kind of time) and after checking if anyone had missed my connections, I found a bunch of stuff that people are just giving away in South Dakota. All sorts of awesome stuff. Like a broken washer and dryer, or stuff to burn.  But, if you need some gift ideas, here's my to five.

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    A Free House (Flandreau)

    Do you want a free house? If the answer is yes, it's your lucky day!. All you have to do is move it yourself. However as the ad says, "No wheels or hitch." So maybe it's not as mobile as it first seems.

    Craigslist, post id: 6454494903
  • 2

    Asphalt Chunks (Rapid City)

    It's a curbside buffett of parking lot leftovers. Two pickup loads of oily rock are waiting for you.

    Craigslist post id: 6461015918
  • 3

    9 Construction Rebar Sticks (Aberdeen)

    Are you preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Then you need some rebar. I think that's all they are good for. It's the only time I've ever seen them used. I hear that maybe you can use them to built something. Maybe even to reinforce something? I don't know.

    Craigslist post id: 6456185967
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    Two Bags of Shipping/Packing Material (Sioux Falls) hide this posting

    Hey do you like taking out the trash? Would you like to take out someone else's trash. Then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Two bag of packing material ready to be packed, into the garbage.

    Craigslist post id: 6451637284
  • 5

    Fluorescent Tubes (Sioux Falls)

    For that budding Jedi in your life here are some budget practice Lightsabers. Or light bulbs if you want to ruin the fun of breaking glass. And who doesn't love breaking glass? Well, except for the people that have to clean it up. And, I guess, anyone that gets hurt.

    Craigslist post id: 6453243187