1979 was a very good year for Country Music.  But it was a career (and life) changing year for one artist.

The biggest names and artists in Country Music that year?  Oh, just some of the most legendary artist's in Country Music history is all.  CMA award nominees included folks like Waylon Jennings, Don Williams, Crystal Gayle, Barbara Mandrell, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn.  And those were the artist's that didn't win!

So who did win?

Well, 1979 was the year of 'The Gambler'.  While Kenny Rogers was already a Country (and Pop) music star (In fact, that same year he and Dottie West won the CMA Vocal Duo of The Year Award), 'The Gambler' put him up on another level.  It won not only 'Song of the Year' for writer Don Schlitz, the album won the coveted 'Album of the Year'.

By the way, the top prize at the CMA's in 1979, 'Entertainer of the Year'?  Well, that went to a guy that this week, at the age of 81, has the number one album in the country.  He was (and is) the Outlaw, Willie Nelson!

Oh, and as I mentioned, 'The Gambler' won song of the year.  But who won 'Single of the Year', the award that goes to the artist?

Well, that 1979 honor would go to none other than Charlie Daniels for his 'Devil Went Down To Georgia'.

1979.  One sweet year in Country Music history.

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