Rasie Michael Baily was from La Feyette, Alabama in the deep south. Changing the spelling of his name to 'Razzy', he first gained some attention in the Country Music world for his songwriting, specifically penning the big hit '9,999,999 Tears', which Dickey Lee brought to the top of the Country Music Charts.

That happened in the mid 1970's, but Razzy had to wait several years before his own voice would top the country charts. But when it did, he had 4 Number #1 hits back-to-back-to-back-to-back!

The following was received from Razzy Bailey himself:

I did not have 4 (four) #1 hits in a row. I had 3 (three) DOUBLE SIDED HITS IN A ROW, making that 6 (six). I went on to have a total of 13 (thirteen #1 hits) on the major labels and a total of 32 (thirty two TOP TEN HITS). Since that time, I have never not recorded and did continue charting mostly to #1 songs on INDIE CHARTS.

Thanks for the correction, Razzy, we love playing your great classics on KXRB!

So whatever happened to Razzy Bailey?

Again, from Razzy:

My true bio is now on my web site razzybaileymusic.com along with Razzys Hit House Recording Studio. I appreciate all my fans very much and am writing my Autobiography, I hope you will all get the opportunity to read it. The name is 9,999,999 TEARS. I love all my FRIENDS, RAZZY BAILEY