The year was 1984. In a year filled with great Country Music, there was one song, one in particular, that had virtually everyone smiling and singing along.

'Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On'.



Who was that guy?? Well of course, we found out who it was. It was Mel McDaniel.

An Oklahoma boy, Mel had a slew of country music hit's, song's like 'Big Ole Brew', 'Stand Up', and 'Louisiana Saturday Night'. All good songs and big hits.  But my personal all-time Mel favorite wasn't a toe-tappin' fun party song.  Nope.  More introspective with a subtle message, it was called 'I Call It Love'.


But make no mistake, for millions of fan's, it was 'Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On'. A number one hit in 1984, it was one of those songs that, while listening to it, singing along, you found yourself smiling.

Mel's last Top Ten hit came in 1988. So, whatever happened to Mel McDaniel?

In 1996 Mel had a near fatal fall into an orchestra pit while performing in Louisiana. That effectively ended his touring career. In 2009, Mel suffered a severe heart attack, was put into a medically induce coma for several days. And yet, he ultimately recovered.

However in February of 2011 Mel was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away in March of that year at the age of 68.

But I Mel making smiles in heaven as he stroll's around the clouds singing 'Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On'?