What are you doing for Valentine's Day?  Are you heading out to one of the many Restaurants in Sioux Falls?  Are you going to pick up some items and spend a romantic evening at home?

How much are planning on spending this Valentine's Day?

According to Bankrate.com the traditional Valentine’s Day will cost you an average of $512.03.

Here is a breakdown on the cost for the 5 items and their average prices are:
– A box of chocolates: $15.11
– Diamond earrings: $323.26
– A dozen roses: $41.66
– Dinner for two: $80.46
– A bottle of champagne: $51.54

Valentine’s Day is far more costly than the 2 other holidays made up by the card companies to extort money out us by playing on our sense of guilt and inadequacy ... does that sound bitter?

Halloween costs us on average about $74.  Mother’s Day on average cost us about $173.

Happy Valentines Day...

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