It's not easy doing two, three or four jobs at a time. Sometimes, something has to suffer to keep all the balls in the air.

Country star Trace Adkins apparently is finding that out. Most of us have to more than one thing at a time. Well, according to the Associated Press, Adkins does too and it isn't necessarily easy.

(AP) - Trace Adkins is trying to keep his recording career going - even as he tries to climb the reality show corporate ladder as a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice." But it isn't easy.

He says his latest music project has been affected by all the time he was spending on the tube as he tries to win Donald Trump's approval. He says he had finished a studio album that was due out in the fall. But when his Apprentice gig came along, he says "that kind of messed everything up."

Adkins delayed the album - but then found three more songs he wanted to record. He says those three songs were love songs - and when he added them to the stuff he had already recorded, he decided to just go ahead and put out "an album full of love songs."