Aren't cartoons some of the warmest memories from your childhood?  I mean, no matter your age, when you were a young 'un, didn't you just love to get entertained (and lost!) in cartoons and comic books?

For me, when I think back to the cartoons as a kid, some famous names come to mind.

But as far as pure 'coolness', well, there was Top Cat!

Living in the alley with the rest of his gang...Fancy Pants, Spook, Benny the Ball, Brain and Choo Choo.  And, it seemed, always....always...trying to avoid Officer Dibble.

Did you know there were only 30 original 'Top Cat' episodes ever produced?  And that in it's original run (1961-62) it aired on Wednesday evenings on ABC (sponsored, as so many cartoons were, by Kelloggs)?

Well, by the time I found 'Top Cat' it was being re-run on Saturday Mornings in the 1960's.  But hey, they're not re-runs if you've never seen them before, right?

'Top Cat' has lived on through they decades thanks to the Cartoon Network and various other cable and satellite channels.  There have  been updates, revisions, remakes and new characters.

But really, for me at least, there's only one 'Top Cat' and he continues to elude Officer Dibble in that alley that weaves through my mind.