Everyone who I've come into contact with since news came out that Kevin Ward, Jr. was killed on a racetrack when he was hit by a car driven by NASCAR star Tony Stewart, has asked me the same question, 'What do you think about it?'

What I think is that it's very sad and very tragic. I'm being asked by the people who know me and know that I have spent my entire life around racing and over half my life working at it professionally.

Let me first state that no one on this entire planet went to that speedway in New York on Saturday wishing for anything like this to happen.

My work has been around sprint cars. I feel totally qualified to say that they bump wheels, spin and crash on a regular basis due to extreme horsepower and lightening fast speeds and men at the wheel that want to win, period!

Tempers flare and there are reactions. I've seen it hundreds of times and it will continue as long as men race cars.

But what really went wrong happened before seeing a man walking onto a race track: