It's Labor Day weekend when all real men turn to the grill.  If not to create some fine eats, to drink beer and hide the from wife.

In my years of BBQing I've jotted down a couple of "Fun Facts About Barbecuing in South Dakota!  Let me know if I've hit or missed the mark on these.

-I believe barbecuing was invented by women to trick men into doing the cooking for three to six months out of the year.

-I've found that no matter how good you think your "wiener" jokes are, everybody's heard them a thousand times. It's best to just shut up and flip the burgers.

-Those little pieces of metal that come off the wire brush are often the most nutritious part of what I cook.

-Flipping the same piece of meat over and over again does NOT make it look like you know what you're doing.

-A charcoal grill does not mean you are "hip" or "retro". It means your wife won't let you buy a cool high end propane grill.

-If you're hosting a barbecue with your family, include alcohol. It will make them like you better.

-Labor Day is the most popular day Americans pig out in the backyard. Followed by every other day.

-Barbecuing is most popular in South Dakota. We assume. Nobody wanted to go to Wyoming to verify.

-Memphis and Kansas City each claim to be America's barbecue capital. Coincidentally, neither claims to be America's exercise capital.

-South Dakota Men love barbecuing because it's one of the only times they can drink beer and look productive at the same time.

Just some observations from a guy who's burnt just about anything I could stuff in a grill.  What have I missed?  Have a great Labor Day Weekend!