Tim McGraw has had a music career to dream of. Multiple number one hits, sold out tours across the country. Fans all around the world.

So who is his top advisor? According to the Associated Press, it's someone very personal.

(AP) - Tim McGraw's biggest fan: Faith Hill. Tim McGraw's biggest critic: Faith Hill.

He says they'll bounce ideas off each other but they don't always take each other's advice. He says sometimes he might love two or three of her songs and they won't make the record, or she'll hate some of his songs and they will make it.

McGraw says he might not agree with her, but he always goes back to evaluate if Hill doesn't like something. He says they listen to each other more than anyone else.

Meanwhile, Tim received good news from a Tennessee Court.

(AP) - The Tennessee Supreme Court has delivered a blow to Tim McGraw's former label, Curb Records. The court refused to hear Curb's appeal of a lower court ruling that McGraw was free to record with other labels while his legal fight with Curb continued through the court system.

McGraw released "Two Lanes of Freedom" just two weeks ago on Big Machine Records. It's his first album that was not with Curb.