Last week was, to put it lightly, a tough week for news. I mean from local to international news, we had tragic stories including a passenger plane being shot down.

Sometimes I find myself searching for stories from the lighter side. Many times dumb crooks make the news there.

Well, I ran across this one. This guy could be the dumbest on the planet.

In Corbin, Kentucky, 29-year-old Michael Harp was already in enough trouble after being charged with shoplifting beer. But he managed to add to his troubles by actually making a prank call from the police station to order five pizzas!

He called a Domino's pizza restaurant and placed an order in the name of Captain Coy Wilson, his arresting officer.

So what kind of trouble does this add? Actually a quite a bit.

So he was then charged with theft by deception, identity theft and impersonating a police officer.

Source: Radio Online