Hear ye, hear ye! On this day, July 22, Prince William and yon wife Kate Middleton have successfully created the third successor in line for the British throne: a (still unnamed) baby boy.

That’s right, kids. The royal bun has officially exited the royal oven. And Kanye had nothing to do with it.


According to Kensington Palace, the tot was born at 4:24pm local time — that’s 11:24am ET — and weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz.

Previously, we were told the news would be announced via royal easel (as was the case with Prince William), with the doctor present for the delivery signing a proclamation that was then rushed to be set up in front of Buckingham Palace for all the commoners to oooh and aaah over.

Supposedly, the royal palace did not want to announce of the birth via Twitter in order to maintain “‘the theatre’ of a genuine royal occasion.” (Aka “we don’t have any real power, at least let us have this.”) But according to the Clarence House Twitter feed, it looks like they broke with tradition, announcing the news after sending out an emailed press release.