From the first time I heard Keith Whitley, I liked him.  And the more I heard, the more I liked him.  Then on top of it all, I'm a guy that really admires great songwriters and, as it turns out, Keith Whitley was that, too.

I looked forward to years and years of Keith Whitley musical brilliance.  He had the voice, the emotion, the words, the music.  Keith Whitley seemed to have it all.

And one more thing he had...demons.

Keith Whitley was found dead on May 9, 1989, not long after his final appearance on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  The cause of death was alcohol poisoning.  Keith had drank himself to death.

But that doesn't change the genius Keith had with music.  Below is his final appearance on that Opry stage and he sings (in my opinion) one of the greatest songs in the history of Country Music, 'Don't Close Your Eyes'.