If you're one of the millions that write letter's to the biggest star in the world of music, don't be surprised if you don't get an answer.

As it turns out, a lot of Taylor Swift's mail ended up in a dumpster! Dive in Taylor and fish those fan letter's out of there.

According to the Associated Press, many of the letters were unopened and it's a mystery how they got there.

(AP) - Ever wonder what happens to the thousands of pieces of fan mail sent to singers and rappers? The people who write them hope theirs is carefully read by their heroes, answered - and maybe saved in a scrapbook. But that isn't what happened to hundreds of letters addressed to Taylor Swift.

Those letters ended up in a recycling dumpster near an office that does business for the country star. A woman who was putting her own stuff in a dumpster in south Nashville found a bunch of letters addressed to Swift.

Kylee Francescan reports many of the letters were unopened. She tells a Nashville TV station (WKRN) she didn't know if the letters were stolen or deliberately trashed - but wanted Swift's people to know about them. A rep of Swift's record label said he's unsure how the letters ended up in the dumpster.

A member of Swift's management team says usually fan letters are opened, read and recycled - and that in this case it appears some of the letters ended up being recycled without being opened and read.

The letters recovered from the dumpster have been passed on to Swift's publicity firm - where her people say they will be handled properly.