The year is 1972 and a song hit Country Music Radio that millions of people around the country (and world) loved.

The song was called 'Delta Dawn'.  And who was that lady singing it??

Well, it wasn't a lady, it was a girl.  13 years old.  With the voice of someone that sounded like it had the attitude of someone older, more mature.

We were introduced to a new talent named Tanya Tucker.

From an early childhood spent mostly in Arizona, Tanya 'burst' on the Country Music scene in '72, barely a teenager, and a lot of people wondered....a novelty?  A one-hit wonder?  A flash of music lightning...and gone?

Tanya followed 'Delta Dawn' with another Top 5 hit, 'Love's The Answer' and then in 1973 she began a string of #1 hit's with the (now)classic 'What's Your Mama's Name'.

And so she kept having hits.  And more hits.  And more hits still.  10 #1 chart topper's and nearly 40 Top Ten smashes.  For decades, Tanya Tucker was at or near the top of the Country Music chart with songs that, now, we're all familiar with.

'Blood Red and Goin' Down', 'Would You Lay With Me', 'Lizzie and The Rainman' and so many more.

For some reason, Tanya's name doesn't often get mentioned with names like Loretta, Tammy, Dolly.  But that doesn't mean she shouldn't be.

In the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's...she was not only among the greatest 'girl' singers, she was among the greatest hit makers...period.

A turbulent personal life?  Yes and one she talks about.  But certainly a 'turbulent' personal life doesn't exclude one from the Hall of Fame?  My goodness, looking at the deserving members there now, it's almost a prerequisite!

Tanya has the numbers, the statistics, the life.

Tanya Tucker deserves to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Now then, let's watch and listen as Tanya joins the Greatest Country Music Singer ever!