"The Auctioneer" was a song made popular by Leroy Van Dyke in 1956. It is definitely notable for the auction chants thru out the song.

Leroy Van Dyke is marvelous doing the auction calls due to his expertise auctioneer experience. He was inspired to write the song for that reason.

Another major inspiration was his second cousin, the famous auctioneer, Ray Sims. Sims was known as one of America's greatest auctioneers of purebred cattle.

Van Dyke wrote it while stationed in Korea during the Korean War, and first performed it to troops on the same bill as Marilyn Monroe.

After finishing his service, Van Dyke entered the song in a Chicago talent contest. It gained him a record contract with Dot Records.

"The Auctioneer" subsequently topped the pop music chart, selling 2.5 million copies.

Source: Wikipedia

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