Miranda Lambert and the members of 'Pistol Annies' say they don't have any problem writing songs. They can write a whole album worth of songs in just a couple days!

(AP) - Members of Pistol Annies say they can make short work of the chore of writing song lyrics. They say they spent two days together doing promotional work for their new album - and during that time were able to come up with nearly enough material a whole new project.

Miranda Lambert says anytime someone said something, "we write it on our phone and it becomes a song." For example, she said the other day that her mother's wine store would do better in their Baptist town if it had a back door. She says that ended up becoming the seed that grew into a song called "Back-door Bar."

Ashley Monroe says of songs that "they just seem to write themselves when they're ready." While the songs for their new albums are writing themselves, they are promoting their current release, called "Annie Up.