I came across an awesome story.  In this story, the names of those involved will be left out. The names really aren't the important part. (according to who told me the story)

This 18 year old young man is working at a local store this weekend. He's finishing up his last semester in High School. He tells the story that goes like this:

So, I was working as a checker at the store tonight when this lady comes up with several purchases.  We started some small talk and I saw that she was buying an electric blanket. She had several purchases but she was buying an electric blanket.


Just to keep the conversation going I said, boy there's a good idea. She agreed and looked at me. I mentioned that it's pretty chilly in my bedroom at night. I thought nothing of it and she paid for her items and moved on.


That's not where the story ends though.  Seems she took the electric blanket and took it to customer service.  I figured she was just going to return it. No big deal.


Then a few minutes later I have a couple of managers come up with the blanket. Seems the lady wanted me to have it. I was blown away!

It's really quite a story. It's not a real expensive item, but it cost her hard earned money. 

This simple act of kindness started me thinking. We can all make some kind of resolution to do more for other people.  All we have to do is pull out the wallet and pull the trigger on doing something good.

Idea!  Let's all make a resolution to do something 'cool for someone' like this lady did for this 18 year old.  I know where he lives, he didn't 'need' the blanket, but when you saw the look on his face when he told the story you know her actions did even more. This lady and her action triggered a word that many young people have never witnessed. Compassion.

It got him thinking.  What could I do?  Who could I help? Thanks to this stranger, he gets it.  He doesn't need to know the person, only know the need.

Challenge issued. Pay it forward! Do something like this lady did. Do it this week!  If it comes back as high of an impact as it did for this 18 year old...it's more than worth it!

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