When you were 14, 15, 16...weren't you a lot smarter than your Dad?  I mean, he was just an old fogey and you were, well, you were a teenager that knew most anything that was worthwhile!

Yeah, Dad had his goofy old TV shows, he had his goofy old ideas, his goofy old friends that talked about things that weren't interesting at all!  Heck, they were talking about corn and beans, politics and prices...not the good stuff like the Beatles, Ed Sullivan, or that pretty girl who I sat next to in Geometry class (Actually, she only sat there one year, she had moved on when I had to take that second year of Geometry).

But through it all, there was one thing we could agree on.

Johnny Cash was loved by people who were 80 years old and 10....by city slickers and farmers...by Grandma's and Grandchildren, too.

He was The Man In Black!

Looking back, it was interesting.  The people that loved Lawrence Welk and the people who loved The Rolling Stones didn't agree on a whole lot musically, but they agreed on this: Johnny Cash was an American Treasure.

In this great video from 'Nashville Now' with Ralph Emery (another legendary figure in Country Music history), Johnny performs one of his great classic's, then sits down to chat with Ralph.

I miss my Dad....and I miss Johnny Cash.  He was something we had in common.