Warm weather has been in short supply this spring, but May promises to be the month when the covers come off the barbecue grills and the aroma of beef cooking in backyards and parks across the state signals that summer is on the way.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has officially proclaimed May as Beef Month and the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) has events and promotions underway on the airwaves, in print, at grocery stores, restaurants and through social media to celebrate what’s become a state tradition. 'May kicks off the grilling season in South Dakota, and beef remains the number one meat consumers turn to when grilling,' says SDBIC Executive Director Ron Frederick. 'Nothing beats a juicy grilled burger or steak.'

Beef not only tastes great, it's good for you. It's full of nutrition and protein for a healthier life.

So go ahead and fire up that grill and lay some juicy tender beef on the hot grid. And watch how everyone gets excited when they hear the sizzle.