It was a few weeks ago a song, and an artist I wasn't familiar with, came to my attention this way:

'Here's a great Country song for Father's Day'.

As it turned out, that statement was wrong...or maybe just a little too long.  The statement should have been:

'Here's a great Country song...period.

The song 'My Daughter's Father' is by an artist by the name of Gord Bamford.  I wasn't familiar with the name, so I guess I'm not as smart as I should be!  But I did a little checking...

Gord was born in Austrailia, but raised in Alberta, Canada, and while he's 'new' to me, he's not new at all.  Gord has released 5 albums since 2001, and in fact 'My Daughter's Father' is actually from his 2010 album 'Day Job'.

No matter.  He's new to me and I'm glad we found him!  He's opened show's for artist's from Tim McGraw to Kenny Rogers.  And what I like about him is...he keeps it country.

Here at KXRB and we're all about the classic's and what I call 'future classic's'.  From the sound of 'My Daughter's Father', we have one here.

So, even though the song is four years old or so, it's a great new song (future classic!) here on KXRB...and not just for Fathers day.