Here at KXRB, we are all about the classic's.  The greatest country music song's that have ever been recorded.  We go back, not just years, but decades, and play the biggest country song's by the most legendary artist's.

And...we don't play very many new songs.  One of the reason's of course is that a lot of the new 'country' artist's play rock and roll thinly disguised as country music.

With that being said, we do play some new artist's and new song's (I don't call them 'new songs', I call them 'future classics').  there are newer artist's out there that keep it country, names like Teea Goans, Gord Bamford, and of course artist's like George Strait and Alan Jackson.

One of the 'future classic's' that people are asking about is...well, they usually ask 'Who sings that snoring song'?

Well, that 'snoring song' is actually titled 'Wide Awake' by Jamie O'Neal.  Some folks will remember Jamie's great hit from 2000 'There Is No Arizona'.  With 'Wide Awake', Jamie sings the heck out of the tune....and yes, a love song with a bit of a twist!


In case you haven't heard it, here's the video...and guy's, please roll over or something!