When I think of great Country Music television shows, the first one that pop's into my beautiful bald head is 'Hee Haw'.

I pretty much grew up with the 'Hee Haw' gang, Roy, Buck, the Hagar Twins, Archie, Junior, Gordie Tapp and the rest.

But for many others, there was 'The Porter Wagoner Show'.  It ran for over 20 years, and while it didn't have the more 'mass' appeal of 'Hee Haw' (probably because it wasn't on a network, it was syndicated), the Country Music Hall of Famer would host the show each week and featured the biggest Country star's of the day.

In this great black and white show from 1962, you'll see and hear Porter with The Wagonmasters, the great Norma Jean, and the legendary Red Sovine.

Sit back, relax and enjoy 'The Porter Wagoner Show'!