Got the flu?  You're not alone.  I'm right there with you.

Coughing, sneezing, chills, head feel like a bowling ball?  Sounds like your a candidate for a cold medicine commercial.

State health officials report continued increases in the number of influenza cases in South Dakota.

Information released from the state Department of Health shows that seasonal influenza activity remains at a widespread level with the number of cases of Influenza A diagnosed in the state continuing to show a steady increase.

With a large portion of the flu season still ahead, local public health officials are urging people to practice good respiratory hygiene and get their flu shots.

Dr. Jennifer Tinguely, Chief Medical Officer for Falls Community Health and the City of Sioux Falls Health Department:

Vaccination is the safest and most effective way to prevent the flu,” says Now is still a good time to get vaccinated. It is likely that flu activity will continue for several more weeks, so getting vaccinated now can still provide protection this season.

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