Here we are in the middle, or close anyway, of the Major League Baseball season.  For those of us here in the Upper Midwest, we're excited about having the All-Star game close to home, at Target Field in the Twin Cities.

If you love history, and all kinds of history, like I do, then you'd love baseball history.  The game is littered with great names, names like Ruth and Gehrig, Cobb and DiMaggio, Aaron and Mantle and Koufax and...

Mays.  The Say Hey Kid.  Willie.

Arguably the greatest all around baseball player in history, Willie could do it all.  Hit. Hit with power. Run. And defense?

Well, if you talk to people who love the history of baseball, all you have to say is 'The Catch'.  Seriously, if you talk with a true baseball fan, someone who knows the stories of the game, just ask them, 'What is The Catch'?

If you don't know, let's take you back and take a look.

It's Game 1 of the 1954 World Series...and Willie is about to make 'The Catch'.