It was one of those hit's you coldn't get away from.

When you heard Ned Miller's 1965 hit 'Do What You Do, Do Well', it stayed with you.  You'd be working in the field, in the factory, taking a shower and suddenly you'd find yourself quietly singing...

'Do what you do, do well boy, do what you do, do well...'

Ned began writing songs as a teenager and then entered the United States Marines.  Following his discharge, he continued singing and writing songs. (Remember Jimmy  C. Newman's 'A Falling Star', Ned wrote that).

In 1962 Ned had his own major hit with 'From A Jack To A King'.

And in 1965, 'Do What You Do, Do Well' came along and was his final Top 10 country smash.  His final chart song came in 1970.

So whatever happened to Ned Miller?

Well, ned really didn't care much for the performing side of his career and quit recording and moved to Prescott, Arizona and then Las Vegas in the 1970's.

At last report, Ned is 88 years old and retired.  I hope whatever he's doing, he's doing it well!