Dave Jansa of Sioux Falls, who has been sober for more than 25 years, says at the height of his addiction he felt like a teenager!

"My maturity level was that of a 16 year old and that's about when I started using alcohol.  What I learned later through Face It Together here in Sioux Falls and research on my own---when you use a drug and you use it in an addictive manner especially as a young person---your maturation process either slows quite a bit or it can completely stall.  That's what happened to me."

Dave says a conversation with his mother, who was facing serious surgery, put the brakes on the addiction that had taken control of his life.

"She was going to have triple bypass surgery at the Mayo Clinic.  We didn't know if she was going to make it.  She had other health issues.  I went up to see her (and was having a horrible hangover.)  She noticed it as we were talking.  All of a sudden, after looking at me, my mother said: 'Dave you told me one time that if I thought you had a drinking problem---you asked me to let you know.'  That's when she told me I had to quit.  That was the last time I drank."

Dave, who is now a recovery coach for "Face It Together," has a personal message for people that are in the grips of alcoholism!

"There are not just a few different places that you can go.  It's really exploding and opening up---just a lot of different pathways.  So many ways are available to beat this disease.  You may need help or you may not.  You may be able to do it on your with a self help group."

Dana Jansa is definitely a real survivor who is making a difference!