Kendra Gottsleben of Sioux Falls knows what it takes to triumph over life's challenges.

Kendra, who was featured on KXRB's "I Love Life" radio series, recently published her first book titled "Live, Laugh, Lemonade: A Journey of Choosing to Beat the Odds."

Kendra, who works as a special projects coordinator within the Center for Disabilities at the Sanford School of Medicine, was born with a rare genetic condition.  It has affected her growth but not her attitude.

In Kendra's words:  "It has made me look at life with determination and refusing to give up.  I don't really recognize anything different with me.  It's just whats I've always known."

Kendra Gottsleben doesn't dwell on what she calls the lemons in her life.  She is much too busy focusing on her many blessings!