I still remember meeting a young Canadian singer when she first arrived in Nashville to become a country star!

A friend of mine at Mercury Records arranged an interview with Eileen Edwards.  When we got together at the Grand Ole Opry's WSM Radio, Eileen talked about the adversities she overcame in life.  Among them---childhood poverty and the tragic deaths of her parents.

Although it was several months after the record company released her debut album, the songs were not getting much airplay.

When I asked her if she intends to go back home, Eileen told me:  "I will never stop trying to become a country singer."  In her words, "I will fail if I stop trying and that will never happen."

Eileen did not stop trying.  She persevered and within several years after our first interview the Canadian entertainer became a country music superstar!  Her name: Shania Twain!

Who says dreams don't come true?

David Becker-Getty Images