Police officers are often called into action to assist people that are in need of help.  But recently, one off-duty police officer from Hudson, New York was able to use his skills to help another creature in distress.

Police officer Kevin Sweet was off-duty when he drove by his mother's home to check on her.  While driving, he noticed something in the ditch that needed some special attention, and it was probably the last thing Officer Sweet probably expected to see.  A young deer tangled in a long string of Christmas lights.  The Christmas lights were wrapped around it's neck and front legs, making it impossible for the young deer to run away or even move. Sweet says that the young deer was having a hard time, and didn't know what to do.

That's when Officer Sweet jumped into action.

Talking as calmly as he could to the distressed animal, Officer Sweet, carrying only his IPhone and a pocket knife, slowly walked toward the frightened deer.  Sweet says,

I approached it slowly, talked to it and was able to free if from the Christmas lights.

Sweet was able to record the rescue on his IPhone.

After the Christmas lights were cut away from the frightened deer,  Sweet waited to make sure the deer was able to get up,  move freely and wasn't injured.  The deer stood, and simply looked at Sweet, as if knowing that this man that just saved him from the tangled Christmas lights was his hero.