Everybody's got their 'two cents worth' on tipping. For myself, I stick to the basic 15% if I'm treated right.

Whether tapped out on tipping or generous with gratuities for food and drink, patrons and servers don't always see eye-to-eye on tips. There have been times when I felt that the server didn't even care about the tip or my satisfaction..

A tip is our way of saying thank you for doing a great job. As soon as it becomes expected, then it's part of a person's wage or salary and it's not optional.

And to me, that's not the intention of the tip. I believe a tip is for doing a good job.

A 15 percent tip is the standard for a good meal and 20 percent for a really good meal with "exceptional" service. I really enjoy getting above normal service and having the server show satisfaction for my tip. Even better when they tell me to ask for them next time I'm in.

Now that is what makes me return to a restaurant.