It seems like a simple question.

What is a thousand dollar bill worth? Well, hold on a minute. Are there really even any thousand dollar bills?

Yes, yes there are. But if you're selling your used pickup and someone wants to pay with a might want to be just a bit skeptical. It's not exactly like they're floating around your local convenience store.

The $1,000 bill hasn't been printed in the U.S. since 1945. I would imagine part of the reason is, gee, it's hard to get change for one if you're buying a pack of Spearmint gum. Or if you're going to get a soda from a vending machine, there probably aren't many that would take a $1,000 bill.

But there's a $1,000 bill going up for auction at Stack's Bowers Galleries in Baltimore that's gonna fetch a whole lot more than a measly grand.

This one was printed in 1863 and is believed to be only one of two available to collectors. You'd had to pony up close to a million dollars for that one. (That's a whole bunch of $1,000 bills!)

But the first thing I thought is....who, back in 1863, would have a $1,000 bill? Not many folks, which I'm sure is why only 2 are still floating around.

By the way, that beat up 'ol Ford F150 you got there? I'll give you a couple grand for it. I got a couple $1,000 bills right here in my wallet. No, really.

OK, no not really.

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