The advertisements we grew up with in newspapers, magazines, on television and radio wouldn't cut the mustard these days.  And yet, we survived them.

Yes, tobacco companies would use the medical community to promote their products.  Or maybe it was the medical community using the tobacco companies!  Either way, these ad's were not uncommon 'back in the day'.

I remember as a kid in the 1960's going to the hospital and sitting in the waiting room because I wasn't old enough to go into my Mom's patient room.  Sitting there would be several adult's casually smoking cigarette's, chatting, reading a newspaper (yes, young 'uns, in the waiting room in the hospital).

It makes sense now, after reading the above ad and realizing more Doctor's smoked Camels!

Yeah, times are a bit different now.  I don't think I'd ask a Doctor what cigarette he recommends.