I've entertained at hundreds of wedding dances.  And over the years I've seen everyone of these people at one event or another.

I don't know if they "ruined" the wedding day, but they certainly made it more "interesting".

These are the types of people who ruin weddings, according to Brides.com:

- The Texter
- The Problem Bridesmaid
- The Meddling Mother-In-Law
- The Guest With A Guest
- The Open-Bar Abuser
- The One Looking for a Hookup
- The Late Arriver

But a couple of other "People Who Ruin The Wedding Day" that are not on the list are:

-The Drunken Cousin who drunkenly and belligerently insists the DJ play Iron Butterfly's "IN A GADDA DA VIDA", all 17 minutes, because it's "The best song ever man!".

-The Drunken Best Man Speech that goes on for 20 minutes and ends with the bride in tears.

-The Groomsman that take the bride out for a few "Celebratory Drinks" en route from the church to the reception hall and get her so drunk that she can't stand up for the Dollar Dance.

What types of people have you seen ruin a wedding day?