George Jones had magic.

He was the one person we would invite into our lives knowing he would break our heart. He would magically take hold of our heart and shatter it and leave us teary eyed, sad, wondering what had just happened.

And then we would invite him back again. And again. And again.

And we'd tell others about this heartbreaker and urge them to join us, to listen to every word, to every nuance of every word. We'd tell them 'Just it comes...'

And then it would happen. George would tell a sad story, twist a phrase, linger just a little longer on that one special word. And that's when the magic happened. That's when the heart broke, the eyes watered.

And we loved it. I mean we loved it!

And now George is gone, passed away on April 26th. And now, for an entirely different reason, our hearts are broken again. We'll miss George, but thank God we don't have to miss his music.

George can go right on breaking our hearts. You see, he left all that great music, all those wonderful heart-wrenching songs. About 60 years worth.

His legacy is secure. His place in our lives is solid. He'll always be here, right here, in our hearts.

You see, he didn't stop loving us today.

Rest easy Possum. And thank you, from the bottom of our broken hearts.