In 1977 I was working at KWYR Radio in Winner, South Dakota when a song came across my desk.

That song was called 'You Got Me Runnin'' by a gentleman named Gene Cotton.  I loved the song and thought here's a guy with a great voice and a great sound.  Kind of pop...kind of folk...and a little bit country.

Gene followed up that hit with another 'Before My Heart Finds Out' in 1978.

A few more chart hits followed, including a duet with Kim Carnes in 1978 'You're A Part Of Me'.  But I guess since he wasn't 'rock' and wasn't 'country', at least at the time, a lot of the rock and country formats didn't play these great songs.

But it seems to me that Gene Cotton is a lot more country than some of the so-called 'country' artist's out there right now.

Gene Cotton may not be in the truest sense 'country music', but for me my, he's real close and all these years later, I still love his music.