It's time to shuffle stuff. Thursdays are a a big day in many neighborhoods here in Sioux Falls and all around South Dakota.  Thursday is usually the first day of an extended run for a garage sale.

The stepladders are out at the end of the driveway. Fanny packs are getting their once a year use for making change. It's the time of year when Christmas decorations might be used to flag down bargain seekers.

In our neighborhood, on Harmony Drive in Southeast Sioux Falls, we have our mini version of the big neighborhood rummages. Carol and Al have their stuff out, we tagged along with neighbor Joyce and everyone is looking to make a few bucks and unload some stuff.

Garage sales. You either love em, or we'll not.

The debate is on. Are you gonna price your stuff to make money, or are you going to price it to move.  How about your place. Garage Sale time. Is it on?

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