I posted a list of the Five Funniest Sounding Town Names is South Dakota. After that I got emails, texts and other various social media messages suggesting some others I had not considered. So here are five more towns that sound a little off.

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    Johnson Siding

    Located in the Black Hills about 10 miles west of Rapid City on Highway 44, Johnson Siding is not much more than a housing development with a gas station and a post office. The name sounds like a business but isn't. It was named for part of the railroad that went to Johnson Sawmill, which sounds like scary birth control.

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    This isn't even really a town as much as it is a place in Turner County, about five miles from Viborg. I have driven by it and it doesn't look like you'd find one there. Or anything there, for that matter.

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    Snoop Lion would probably consider a vacation in a town called Blunt, Sizzle Dakizzle.

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    Kinda sounds like the last name of a porn star, doesn't it? Like "Peter Bonesteel." The town's name was funny enough that Ziptees.com featured it's name and zipcode on a t-shirt between Intercourse, Pennsylvania and Protection, Kansas.

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    I don't think the fine people of this little town enjoy marijuana more than any other town, but their name suggests otherwise.

    But could there be Highmore without Blunt? I guess that's like asking "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

    City of Highmore