It was well over a half century ago that Elvis Presley came onto the musical landscape in America and around the world.

No, he didn't just come onto the stage....he blew it up and became the biggest star in the world! All the way from little Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis was everywhere.

And yes, he did cause some concern with those gyrating hips of his. Adults were so concerned, in fact, that television camera operators were instructed to only show him from the waist up!

But that was a long time ago, right? And gee, Elvis left the planet over 35 years ago. That controversy is old hat, yesteryear's news...except, according to the Associated Press, it isn't.

(AP) - Thirty-five years after Elvis died, he's still stirring up controversy. Herriman High School in West Jordan, Utah, had canceled its production of a musical called "All Shook Up," which is loosely based on Shakespeare's play "Twelfth Night" and features Elvis songs.

A parent complained the lyrics to "All Shook Up" are too racy and a scene suggesting cross-dressing was offensive. One parent tells The Salt Lake Tribune says a girl dresses as a boy and kisses a boy, but that's supposed to be farce, not promoting homosexuality.

But in the end, it looks like the show will go on, after all. Officials at the school near Salt Lake City were able to get permission from the copyright owners of "All Shook Up" to edit some of the lyrics some found questionable.

The school district recently changed its policy to allow parents a bigger say over student plays - wonder if they regret that move now.

So "All Shook Up" is still shaking up Mom's and Dad's. Wow. Just wait until they get color television's and see what's on these days!