January 8, 2014...and Elvis Presley is 79 years old.


Elvis, of course, died in August of 1977 at 42 years old.  And all these years later, his memory and his music lives on.  And the money, too.  Elvis still makes millions of dollars every year.

In the Associated Press story below, the legendary Rita Moreno talks about dating a rather 'unsexual' Elvis.

(AP) - She is the only Hispanic to win all four major entertainment awards: a Grammy, Oscar, Tony and Emmy.

And besides being one of the few people to do that, Rita Moreno nearly added another notch to her belt: a romantic link to Elvis Presley, who would have turned 79 today.

She says she dated Elvis a few times - but there was no sex. Moreno says Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker called to ask if she wanted to meet Elvis. She agreed because she wanted to make Marlon Brando, her lover at the time, jealous. It worked - she says Brando was so upset, he threw chairs around.

But Moreno says she and Elvis never quite made it to the famed "jungle room" - because, she says, Elvis didn't seem all that into sex.