Jurassic World roared it's way to the top spot at the movie box office again this past weekend, but the movie Max won me over.

It doesn't really matter the dog movie, it could be Old Yeller, Rin Tin Tin, or Turner and Hooch. There is something about a movie with a dog as the main character that can make a grown man pretend like he got a little popcorn salt in the eye.

Max is about a military dog that befriends a young man played by Josh Wiggins, the brother of Max’s owner who was killed in battle. Max joins the family, helping them cope with the loss of their son.

Over three thousand dogs have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Max is a Belgian Malinois, the same type of dogs that the military frequently use and the same breed that was reported to be involved in the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Some people in the Belgian Malinois dog breeding community want to make sure people don't get caught up in the emotional purchase of the breed after seeing the movie. You should always research  a breed and make sure the dogs personality and needs match well with your lifestyle.

Jerry James has Belgian Malinois and told me that "this breed of dog loves to work, it needs a job."

For the Max movie soundtrack country music mega-star Blake Shelton recorded a cover of the Bob Dylan's 1974 classic, “Forever Young.” Also featured on the track is his former The Voice team member Gwen Sebastian on backing vocals.

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