The South Dakota Democratic Party continues to hound Representative Kristi Noem as she voted against the end of the government shutdown last week. 

On Tuesday, Zach Crago who is the Executive Director of the South Dakota Democratic Party issued a statement that continues to stoke the debate.  This dovetails with the rumblings regarding the entry of Corinna Robinson as the Democrat to challenge the Congresswoman from Castlewood.  The message from the SDDP follows in its entirety.

Many South Dakotans have been wondering about this question in the days since Noem voted to keep the government shut down after 16 days, even as the shutdown closed National Parks, furloughed Ellsworth Air Force Base employees, and shuttered Farm Service Agency offices in the midst of devastating cattle losses from an early October blizzard.

“Congresswoman Kristi Noem can hide from the voters as much as she likes, but she’ll never be able to erase her vote to keep the government shut down while west river ranchers were hurting,” said South Dakota Democratic Party executive director Zach Crago. “It’s no surprise that Congresswoman Noem was nowhere to be found at home after voting with tea party Republicans at the expense of South Dakota.”

Noem had a chance last week to stand up for ranchers to end the government shutdown. Instead she walked away with her tea party friends in Washington. Congresswoman Kristi Noem was the only member of South Dakota's federal delegation to vote against a measure to open the government and avoid catastrophic debt default. Her vote was lambasted by several newspaper editorial boards across the state.

But when Congress recessed after the vote for members like Noem to meet with constituents, Noem was nowhere to be found.